Ammonite Sale

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In many parts of the world Ammonites are sold to the tourists. Ammonites are collectors items for people who are interested in fossils. Ammonite sale should be carefully monitored by the government. Over extraction of Ammonite for sale could impact the local ecology negatively.

The ammonites found along the Kali Gandaki river are heavily exploited. Ammonites are sold to the tourists with signs – Ammonite Fossil For Sale.
Ammonite Sale
In many parts of the world ammonite is sold as Ammonite jewelry. These Ammonite jewelry could include – ammonite pendant, fossilized ammonite choker.

If you are doing research on these subject – there might be opportunities to connect with folks who already have these in their homes in the US or other parts of the world. If you are in Nepal as a tourist please consider the ecological impact of extracting these stones before purchasing them.


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