Art of Nepal

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Nepal is very unique. We have many different types of Art. Unique things about Nepali  art are that  most of the arts are made by hand and the arts have antique designs. The paintings and statues are beautiful. The major forms of art in Nepal are Pottery, Architecture, Paintings and Bronze figures.

 Pottery is an art which is very famous In Nepal. One form of pottery is making terra cotta oil lamps used to light homes during the festival of Dipawali. Another form of pottery is  making flowere pots decorated with peacocks and elephants.

Paintings is also very famous in Nepal. One famous type of painting is Thangka. Thangkas, a more predominant form of painting, are popular among Buddhists in Nepal as well as in Tibet and date back to the late 14th century. These paintings on cotton are rectangular in shape and usually longer than they are wide. They are framed with three stripes of Chinese brocade of blue, yellow and red which represent the rainbow which separates sacred objects from the material world. Older Thangkas consisted of mineral-based colors, while current Thangkas are produced with vegetable-based or chemical colors. Frequent themes of Thangkas include images of Buddhist figures, mandala designs, the wheel of life design, or depiction of scenes or stories.  

Bronze figures have antique designs which make them very special. Bronze figures, sometimes alloyed with copper, appeared in the valley around 8th century AD. These images usually represented religious deities or legendary figures. The most frequently used production technique is that of cire perdue, a form of wax casting. Images often contain embedded semi-precious stones, usually coral or turquoise, or are gilded with gold.

Architecture degsins in Nepal have antique styles. The real architecture of Nepal is found in the Nepal Temples, stupas and other religious buildings and monuments. Nepal Temples are usually one of three types; pagodas, shikaras or stupas. Stupas are exclusively a Buddhist temple, but pagodas and shikaras may be Hindu or Buddhist. Buddhist temples are almost always surrounded by a wall with a defined entrance way. A wall of prayer wheels often surrounds the temple. Whether Hindu or Buddhist, these temples are not places of religious gatherings popular within Christianity and Muslim religions but are sites of individual worship.

So these are the main types of Art in Nepal. They are all very beautiful  in their own way. Most of the Arts have antique degsins. So this makes them extra special.



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