CNN-Freedom Project Documentary: Demi Moore In Nepal

June 23, 2011

CNN-Freedom Project Documentary: Demi Moore In Nepal
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Many Hollywood stars use their fame to draw attention to world problems. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher also set out to do this for charitable purposes. Together they founded the “Demi and Ashton Foundation” (“DNA”), which is fighting against human trafficking and sex slavery of children in particular.

Demi Moore travelled to Nepal to experience first-hand the terrible situation that victims of human-trafficking go through. She was accompanied by reporters of CNN.

Published on the official website of the “DNA” Demi and Ashton highlight alarming figures such as – two million children lured into prostitution within the global trade with forced sex slaves. Some estimates state that even in the United States between100000-300000 children and sold for sexual purposes.


However, the situation is particularly bad in Nepal. The CNN report states that annually thousands of girls are lured into the sex trade with the prospect of working in the cities. Many of these children are then forced in a brutal way to prostitution.

Demi Moore also met during her visit Anuradha Koirala, CNN Hero – 2010 winner. She received this award for her work in the human-trafficking field.

As an ambassador for the “CNN Freedom Project” Demi Moore traveled to Bhairahawa, one of the main transshipment points of trafficking between Nepal and India. Locally, she spoke to many girls who wer kidnapped, tortured and abused. Some of these victims are only eleven years old. She also accompanied the border police in the dangerous hunt for smugglers.

Experience this moving documentary “Nepal’s Stolen Children” . This will be broadcast on Sunday (June 26th) on CNN.
Sunday, June 26
Hong Kong 20:00
London 20:00
Berlin/Johannesburg 20:00
Abu Dhabi 22:00
New York/Miami 8 PM
Mexico City 7 PM
Los Angeles 8 PM

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