Disaster Preparedness Hackathon Press Release

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Nepalese American Group Hosts Hackathon in Response to Recent Earthquake in Eastern Nepal San Francisco, CA, September 22, 2011: In anticipation of the next big earthquake in Nepal, Global Nepal  Professional Network (GNPN also known as CAN-USA) has used last week’s earthquake as a rallying point to bring community members and technology experts together for a Hackathon this Sunday in Oakland, California to create a web portal that helps the community prepare for the next earthquake. Programmers and domain experts are also taking part from other cities, including Los Angeles, Denver and New York. Last Sunday, September 18th, a 6.9 magnitude earthquake shook Northeastern India and Nepal and devastated the local communities closest to the quakes’ epicenter.

Rob Rowlands who with his wife has operated health clinics and schools in Eastern Nepal’s Kanchenjunga area was personally impacted by the recent quake,

“Our 25 years of hard work has all been turned to rubble in an instant,” He said. The Nepalese press and international news wires have reported that the death toll from the earthquake is still climbing and has reached 50 so far. Even as people are dealing with the repercussions of that earthquake, the region is bracing for an even bigger 8.0 magnitude earthquake in the densely populated capital city of Kathmandu in the near future. “These are tense times for the Nepali diaspora”, said Mr. Bineet Sharma, founding president of GNPN better known as Computer Association of Nepal-USA (CAN-USA). “We live under constant fear that our homeland will face devastation on the same scale as Haiti. And what’s
terrifying for those of us who are away from Nepal is that all telecommunication services within the country will be crippled following this event.”

In an effort to circumvent a complete communication black out, this Sunday, September 25th, GNPN/ CAN-USA  will host a “Hackathon for Nepal” or a focused convergence of programmers and web designers to create a portal
containing vital information to help community members and well-wishers both before and after a devastating earthquake. Community members are also invited to the event to brainstorm ideas on other pressing issues including raising awareness on disaster-preparedness in Nepal, funding, and medical support.
GNPN/ CAN-USA invites all programmers and interested professionals in technical and non-technical areas to attend. If it is not possible to attend in person, people may attend remotely via conference call.

Hackathon for Nepal
When: Sunday September 25th, 9am to 4pm
Where: Community Health for Asian Americans
(CHAA) at 255 International Blvd.,
Oakland CA 94606
Or Join us via Conference Call:
Phone: 641-715-3200
Access Code: 327974

Mr. Jagdish Pandey
Member, GNPN (aka CAN-USA)
Phone: 510-557-3376
Email: jrpandey@hotmail.com

Ms. Nisha Thapa
Member, GNPN (aka CAN-USA)
Phone: 415-297-6743
Email: nishathapa82@gmail.com



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