Non Resident Nepalese Visa: 10 year visa for NRNs

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With the Second Amendment of the Immigration Rule, 2059, an new provision has been added for special type of visa known as Non-residential Nepalese Visa.  This visa facilitates non-residential Nepalese or the people of Nepalese origin and their family members to stay in Nepal for longer duration for personal work, for business for for study and research purpose.  The visa is valid up to 10 years and is renewable.

The Department of Immigration in Nepal is authorized to issue the visa with the approval of the Ministry of Home of the first time. The application for the visa may be submitted either through the Nepali Embassies abroad or directly at the Department of Immigration in Nepal.

Visa fee: US $100 or equivalent foreign currency for the period of one year.  However, for students the charge will be 1/2 of the above amount.


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