Foods in Nepal

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Momo’swere originated in Tibet, they were usually eaten with yak meat. But since the food became so famous  it’s now eaten with chicken meat, goat meat, and also other kinds of meat. Momo has become one of the most popular fastfood all over nepal.The dish is also of central importance to the Nepalese diaspora in USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand.


Gundruk(गुन्द्रुक) is a popular food in Nepal  and also claims to be one of the national dishes.It popular food not only in Nepal but also in Himalayan region. Gundruk is made from leafy vegetables, this food is served as a side dish with the main meal or it’s served as an  appetizer. Gundkruk is especially eaten with dheedo.   Nationl food of nepal.


Dheedois popular with Nepali people and foreign tourists, it is a sugar-free dish made of wheat, corn . The food is high on nutrition level and satisfies the taste buds as well. Dheedo is Nepal’s national food and its eatn with Gundruk. This food is widley know all over the nepal.

A widley know food in NepalDhal Bhat Tarkari

Dhal Bhat Tarkari is one of the most popular Nepalese food. It is eaten by most of Nepali people. This food is eaten in the moring and also it is eaten for dinner. The dhal is a lentil soup, the popular lentil soup are black, green and yellow also there are other varities . Bhat is plain boiled rice and after dahl and bhat are served, they are usually mixed together and eaten. Tarkari is a side dish to eat with dhal bhat tarkari can be anythig like potatoes, leafy vegitables, beans and also other kind of vegitables, also some people eat masu(meat) with dhal baht.



Sekuwa is a widely known food in Nepali. Sekuwa is basically BBQ. But it’s a little bit different because sekuwa is made out of chicken or goat meat and it has different spices than BBQ. The food is so famous you can see this food on every street of kathmandu. You can even find this food in Stall’s. Sekuwa is also one of the most delicous food you can find in Nepal.

Aloo Tama


Aloo Tama (Alu Tama) simply means “Potato Bamboo Shoots”. It is a unique and classic Nepali curry flavor dish. It is unique in the sense that it is unlike any other Indian or South Asian curry since they rarely use bamboo shoots. Similarly, unlike other East Asian cuisine such as Chinese that uses Bamboo shoots but do not use curry spices.


Thukpa , Tibetan Noodle soup

Thukpa is a Tibetan noodel soup. Thukpa is served with meat or with vegitables. Thukpa is popular in Tibet,Bhutan, Nepal and some parts of India. Thukpa is widley available in restaurants of these place. Thukpa is a healthy food too.

Alu ko Achar(potato Salad)

Potato Salad ALU KO ACHAR

Alu ko achar is a very good achar and it tastes very good and it is usually eaten with chura(beaten rice). This is the most famous achar in Nepal.


Kheer a sweet dish

kheer is a sweet dish that you can find in Nepal. the dish is made out of milk and rice and other toppings like nuts and etc. Kheer can be eaten as lunch or as desert. If kheer is eaten as lunch it is eaten with fried chana(beans). This food is delicious and easy to make at home.



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