How to make alu ko achar

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1 lb Potatoes; small size if
4 ea Jalapeno peppers;opt
Seeded & sliced into long
1 ea Lime; juice of
Salt to taste
1/4c Sesame seeds; roasted,ground
1 ts Tumeric powder
1 ts Cumin seeds
2 ea Chilies, whole, dried
Up to 3
3 ts Corn oil;or mustard oil
mustard gives best flavour
1/2c Water
1/2c Coriander, fresh; chopped

Boil potatoes in jackets.
When done, peel & cut into small pieces.
In a suitable bowl, combine potatoes, tumeric, salt, ground sesame seeds, lime juice, half of the green coriander and water and mix thoroughly.
In a small pan heat mustard oil until hot; add cumin seeds and red chilies.
Fry them until brown and then add jalepeno pepper.
Let it cook a minute or so.
Pour it over potatoes in the bowl and mix them thoroughly; garnish with remaining green coriander leaves.



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