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My son started dating his wife, Yamini, six years ago. From the beginning, she did not seem as if she were a stranger to me, but as someone who had come to fill the niche that had been waiting for her. They are happily married, but since their wedding I have been told that, since I had them married by ancient and strict Vedic rites, I should have first consulted a Vedic astrologer to see if their kundalis matched for compatibility.

Since marriage is an important step in one’s life, Vedic astrology dictates special techniques to evaluate whether the relationship will be a successful and enduring one. The horoscopes should be matched using the Koota System, in which physical, emotional and spiritual compatibility of both people is assessed. In this system, the matching is done on the basis of the position of the moon when both children were born.

There are eight criteria (ashtakoot milan) and 36 points of matching called guna. If more than 20 of these points match, it is considered to be a good marriage. One of the eight criteria is of particular interest to me because it is based on animals. It is called the yoni koota.

In this koota—which is worth four points—the constellations or nakshatras have animal elements called yonis, and the object is to discover whether the couple will be physically compatible. The best situation is to attain all four points, while the worst, unsurprisingly, is to attain zero—which indicates enmity. If you have a horoscope, you have to discover which lunar constellation your moon was in at birth. Moon signs are related to animals and have genders.

Every nakshatra is represented by an animal that has either a masculine or feminine energy.  Masculine energy is active and dynamic while feminine energy is passive or receptive. Ideal physical compatibility is between the male and female of the same species.  For example, ashwa males and ashwa females are compatible. Therefore, if one of partner’s birth star is ashwini and the other’s is shatbhisha, both would be compatible. Some animals are incompatible with each other. However there is no full agreement among Vedic astrologers as to the gender related to a nakshatra.

These animals are considered inimical to each other: cats (ashlesha and punarvasu) and rats (magha and purva phalguni); cows (uttara phalguni and uttra bhadrapada) and tigers (vishakha and chitra); serpents (rohini and mrigshira) and mongooses (uttara ashadha); horses (ashwini and shatabhisha) and buffalo (swati and hasta) dogs (mula and ardra) and hares (jyeshtha and anuradha); and finally monkeys (purva ashadha and shravani) and sheep (pushya and kritika).

Here are some tips: if the female’s Moon occupies a female nakshatra and the male’s Moon occupies a male nakshatra and the respective animals are compatible, the coupling will be particularly successful.  If both partners have their respective Moons in nakshatras that are both female and the respective animals are compatible, the relationship will again be a happy one. If the female’s Moon occupies a male nakshatra and the male’s Moon occupies a female nakshatra and the respective animals are compatible, there is only a 50-50 chance o f a happy and prosperous relationship. However, in a case where both Moons occupy a male nakshatra, there may be some problems.

Many years ago, my best friend was to enter into an arranged marriage. She came from a well-to-do family, and her prospective partner was from the same caste. When they met, they immediately connected, and their prospects looked good. Both Her parents brought in the family astrologer and he found that out of 36 points, they matched in 34: a match made in heaven, the families declared. The only person who repeatedly asked her not to go through with the wedding was I, and our disagreement caused a rift which meant that we didn’t speak for several years—until her second marriage.  Her first husband, the groom supposedly sent from heaven, started cheating on her within the first month of their wedding, made demands for money and finally forged her name in order to take away her land and everything she owned.

Naturally, this situation made her desperately unhappy in every way and finally she ended the marriage after he became physically abusive. One explanation is that the astrologer was not efficient enough; another is that he was just too eager to please. So, perhaps it was just as well that I did not go to an astrologer. Why did I write this article? To show you how our lives entwine with animals in every way, even astrologically.

Date:- 2011/06/07





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