Artivisim and artvocacy

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Numerous rallies, workshops and seminars have been taking place all over the country for the rights of suppressed and marginalized groups. “Budhana—proud, inspired, envisioned”, an art event that aims to raise awareness on oft-neglected women’s issues however, is in a different league altogether.

Budhana, a female version of the lord Buddha has always been obscured by his male avatars.  The United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in partnership with Recovering Nepal Female forum and National Federation of Women Living with HIV and FAITH has chosen Budhana as the name for the special event which will take place at the Garden of Dreams on March 18.

The event marks the celebration of the 100th International Women’s Day and is going to be an innovative implementation of social activism where issues related to marginalised women will be depicted and their stories told through various artistic means.

The rights of women living with HIV, women using drugs and women living in prison will be discussed and their expressions, capabilities, powers, achievements and specialities depicted though various forms of traditional and contemporary art and art related events and projects.

The art exhibition that will be on display consists of paintings by seven renowned and motivated Nepali artists—Ashmita Ranjit, Sarita Dangol, Samjhana Rajbhandari, Reeta Manandhar, Bidhata K.C, Kapil Mani Dixit and Sohan Khatri.

All seven artists drew inspiration for their works from visits to a women’s cell in Pokhara. By using “express art therapy”, these painters have tired to portray the critical conditions these women live in through portraits that are very close to the reality of their lives and reflect their internal stories.

The event also features a drama by the Mandala Theatre Group. Like the paintings, the theatrical performance also draws heavily from the lives of the women in the Pokhara jail. The evening will also see a special screening of related videos along with other art-related projects.

A fine dinner follows this special event blended with art, advocacy, activism and fun and one can certainly hope to have an enchantingly beautiful and meaningful evening at the Garden of Dreams on Friday.

The money collected from the sale of tickets and paintings will go to the development of entrepreneurship in the women’s prison in Pokhara.


Date:- 2011-03-17




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