Australian passport to increase the “third gender”

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The Australian Government announced this week, the citizens of the future hold an Australian passport in the column marked gender in addition to ‘male’ and ‘female’, but also can increase the third gender option. Australian Government explained that the purpose of doing so advocating gender equality and eliminate discrimination in public transgender people. 

Need a medical certificate 

15, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said the Australian passport will recognize immediate effect in addition to ‘male’ ‘female’ sex outside of the third, it marked the current symbol for the letter ‘X’. Under this provision, if Australian citizen to apply for a change of gender on the passport, only a medical need to provide the relevant evidence presented, it can in the ‘male’ ‘female’ and the ‘third sex’ of the three options to make changes to the Government said it will help to eliminate the unequal treatment of transgender people.

‘Third gender’ is a feminist who from the 1980s and began to put forward a new concept of publicity, referring to the two men is in addition to gender in addition to the one sex, can refer to any biological sex gay, transgender, and so on(

Labor shows ‘the people’

Obviously, this new initiative will help to further reduce gender discrimination, particularly for the benefit of gender identity difficulties, now people can choose their own inner nature to sex, which is recognized by many people the respect of human nature . Some analysts believe that the federal government introduced the policy now is to choose the leadership of the Labour Government Girard, ‘People First’ in practice. the Australian Labor Party recently repeated setbacks in domestic and foreign, record low approval ratings, but this is the effect seems very limited.

But for this country in the minority in Australia, they certainly cheered the government’s move. Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd also paid tribute to the new regulations of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights also praised the Australian approach.

National policies

Sex change and the ‘third sex’, has been the concern of governments.

Early last year, the Australian government issued a new citizen identification, sex column is marked ‘unknown sex’, which is officially recognized by the world’s first ‘neutral person.’

2010 United States must accept the abolition of gender reassignment surgery can change the provisions In 2009, India decided to register voters in the election or other forms of gender-related increase in the column ‘other’ gender options to facilitate the degeneration or transgender marked their gender identity(News News In addition, Nepal, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Uruguay have taken measures to help transgender people, or a neutral person to be legally recognized. easy to see the world more and more attention to the interests of this group, human rights and their legal and other aspects will also be more comprehensive protection. Chen Xi




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