Nepal adopts action plan on key UN resolution

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KATHMANDU: Nepal’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Gyan Chandra Acharya, said that his country has adopted the National Action Plan on implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution for a period of five years.

Speaking at the open debate of the Security Council on Women and Peace and Security in New York yesterday, Acharya expressed Nepal’s readiness and eagerness to collaborate with international community for an effective implementation of NAP, upholding goals and vision inscribed in the resolution 1325 with adequate financial and human resources support and capacity building.

The UNSCR 1325 stresses the role of women in peace and urges the member states for mainstreaming gender perspective by ensuring increased representation of women at all decision-making levels.

The Nepali envoy clarified that NAP is time-bound and is structured around five pillars — participation, protection and prevention, promotion, relief and recovery, and monitoring and evaluation. The NAP was prepared with widest possible consultation with all stakeholders and as such it assumes important role in its implementation.

“In particular, growing awareness of the rights of women and their increasing role in local governance, women-specific issues and development-related activities are good signs of progress, which we can attribute to recent transformation in Nepal,” he said.

Acharya also spoke about Nepal’s commitment to gender inclusiveness in every sphere of influence. “As enshrined in Interim Constitution 2007, Nepal has one-third women representation in parliament. Local Peace Committees in all districts with at least 33 per cent women’s participation are functioning, which are empowered to address post-conflict related issues.

“Likewise, we are committed to increasing the number of women in our army and police forces,” said Acharya.

Acharya further said, “Nepal has accorded a high priority to the protection and promotion of women rights with the belief that it is only through an inclusive process that our progress and development can be achieved.”

“Besides, women are major stakeholders in the progress of a country. We have adopted various measures to fight gender-related violence — namely establishment of toll-free hotline at the Office of the Prime Minister, establishment of the Gender Violence Prevention Fund, and various gender violence control committees in all districts.

Date:- 2011-10-29




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