Third gender couple complain of citizenship rights denial

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PARSA, JUL 17 – A third gender couple has claimed that Parsa District Administration Office denied issuing citizenship certificate to them on various pretexts.

Bikki and Binu said though former Chief District Officer Nagendra Jha assured them of taking up the matter with the Home Ministry they are yet to procure the citizenship cards.

Born as a woman in Birgunj Sub-metroplis-13, 30-year-old Kalpu Gurung changed her name as Bikki after she felt herself showing male sexual behaviours.

Bikki tied the knot with third gender Binu Gupta 10 years ago.

Shunned by their families and the community for “unnatural marriage”, they spent five years in Haryana, India.

Upon knowing their love affair, Binu’s family earlier married her off to an Indian man. However, Binu moved the court, divorced her husband and married Bikki.

Bikki said he is facing problems with his citizenship certificate he got in which his gender is mentioned as female, but photo looks like male’s. He said that he wants to be identified as male. Having had difficulties to sustain from his monthly salary of Rs 6,000 in Blue Diamond Society, an organisation working for sexual minorities, Bikki now works as a rickshaw puller.

However, they are facing problems due to society’s stigmatisation. The couple has rented a hut at Ranighat for Rs 700 monthly. “Once our identity is revealed we are not denied accommodation. Therefore we are living in the hut,” he said.






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