International Etiquette

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Nepalese culture is quite unique. We have our own way of socializing. However, not being aware of the rules of the international etiquette might make us appear ignorant or rude in front of others.  Moreover, proper ways of behaving is a must to make an impression with your clients or employers. Below I am putting together a list of rules we need to keep in mind when we are in certain situations. Eventually, we need to be making a habit of these rules.

1. Do not speak or laugh with food in your mouth. Take your time to swallow before you open your mouth. In case of emergency, you can close your mouth with your hand and respond.

2. Do not open your mouth while chewing your food. Do not take large bites or eat hurriedly.

3.  When in the company of other people, if you need to talk on your cellphone or go somewhere when you are among other people, always excuse yourself. Do not just get up and leave or start talking on your cellphone right there.

4. When other people are speaking, listen. Do not cut in until the other person is done talking.

5. At parties, do not form male-only or female-only groups.  Learn to mingle with both sexes comfortably.


This list is far from complete. More will be added later.





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