Nepali Musical Team Performing in the Bay Area

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Musical Team - Gaurav Basnyat - Dr. SB Basnyat - Anil Shahi

Musical Team - Gaurav Basnyat - Dr. SB Basnyat - Anil Shahi

A small Nepali Musical Team will be performing in the Bay Area. Seats are very limited for this paid program. Reserve your seats in advance.

Please contact Reeta ( for details:

Date: Saturday Oct 1st 2011

Venue: South Bay (please contact for exact location)

Brief Description of the team members -

Anil Shahi

Anil Shahi, a music director and fusion guitarist was born in Bhurungkhel Kathmandu (Nepal). He started to play the guitar at the age of 12. He took guitar lessons from his uncle, friends and later went to Gurukul in Banaras, India where he mastered classical ragas. He made his debut in the musical front at the London, Millennium Dome in 2000, where he successfully introduced himself as an eastern classical and fusion guitarist.

To his credit, he has 3 song albums and 7 instrumental albums so far. He has also composed melodious music for some Nepali featured films. In the last five years, he has performed in more than hundred concerts around the world including London, Malaysia, Taiwan and India.

Gaurav Basnyat

A young musical talent born in Kathmandu, Nepal is a Dentist by profession but his music is equally loved by many in the country because of his ability to combine Nepali eastern musicwith the foreign genre to produce a unique blend of fusion in his playing. At a small age he picked up classical ragas from his grandfather on the keyboardsand later on switched to guitars and started playing Jazz and Blues. He completed grade 5 in keyboards from Trinity College of Music, London at the age of 16 and is still pursuing his studies in music.

Gaurav has performed with different artists from South Africa, London, Australia and India. He is an active participant of Jazzmandu Festival held every year in Nepal.


Dr. Basnyat has served as a career Diplomat for forty years. He was the Nepalese Ambassador to UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Denmark (1997-2003).  He holds a Master’s degree  in International Affairs from Columbia University in New York and a Doctorate in Political Science from G.W. University, D.C.

Currently retired and promoting charity works as Vice Chairman of Jayanti Memorial Trust that helps financially challenged Nepalese Heart Patients. He derives much pleasure in promoting Nepalese Culture and Music. Two CD Albums- Samjhana Sruti Ka Lahar and Smriti Srijana have been released by Dr. Basnyat. His interest is in playing the violin. He is the current Chairman of Yeti Travels Pvt. Ltd.

He is a former champion in Badminton and Tennis, no 2 in Table Tennis (Nepal National Championship). His current interest is in Tennis and Golf.

He is married to Jotshana, daughter of Late Prince Basundhara and Late Princess Helen Shah.  Together they have three children, Daughter Sraddha, Sons- Vivek and Suvash.

Anil Shahi Performing:

Could not find a good Youtube Video of Gaurav – but this is him playing the drums..


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