Mountains of Nepal – Hidden Treasures – Sangrila in Mustang

December 12, 2010

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In 2007 Peter Athans, renowned mountaineer and veteran of seven Mount Everest summits, joined forces with fellow climber Broughton Coburn to explore a series of caves in the remote Himalayan kingdom of Mustang, an area that had previously been off-limits to outsiders. In a subterranean chamber, 14,000 feet up, they found a gigantic 55-panel mural from the 13th century depicting important Buddhist sages and 11th century Tibetan manuscripts, suggesting a gathering place for a large religious community perhaps the sort of meditative, self-sufficient community that inspired the myth of Shangri-la.

Athans and Coburn returned in 2008 with a multidisciplinary team to properly document, study, and begin to preserve the treasures. Join us as Athans shares images, stories and video from this remarkable Tibetan site that is shedding light on the spread of Buddhism through the Himalaya.







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