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The purpose of 1000 video Campaign:

The campaign aims to create 1000 videos promoting Nepal as a tourist destination.  This is a grass roots effort where individuals around the world are encouraged to create a short video and publish it on the internet.  The purpose of this campaign is to create awareness and promote Nepal as a First Choice Tourist Destination.  2011 has been declared the Nepal Tourism Year 2011 (NTY 2011).  Nepal Government and various tourist organizations are organizing extra activities to promote tourism in Nepal.  The idea behind these videos is to use social media and the power of online video to create grass roots efforts to promote 2011 Nepal Tourism Year.

The other purpose of the program is to demonstrate especially to the younger generation that we all have the power to make a difference. Our power is compounded when we work together. With technology at our finger tips, we don’t have to rely on massive funding to have a major impact. The 1000 videos could be the seed to many more videos from individuals promoting Nepal and tourist destination.

Many who love Nepal are seeking ideas on how best to get involved to help Nepal. One of the ways to help is to advertise for Nepal so that more people go to Nepal. Mediums like the videos will create awareness about the country and people and therefore grow the number of tourists visiting Nepal. Tourism can be the greatest tool to impact change. Tourism also helps bring much needed business to Nepal. With the advent of social media like Youtube and Facebook, the power is in the hands of the individuals to contribute. It is a collection of individual voices that can form a crescendo that will bring about change for the better. aims to assimilate individual efforts and create an environment of synergy through the use of technology.

Who can be involved?
This campaign is open to all individuals who are interested in promoting Nepal as a tourist destination or are simply interested to go.

Video Themes:

We encourage the participants to have either one of the two themes –

1.       If you have been to Nepal – create a video that lets people know why you like Nepal and why you think those thinking of going to Nepal would like Nepal.  Humor is always good.

2.       If you have never been to Nepal – create a video on why you would like to go to Nepal. What things have your heard about Nepal that makes Nepal an interesting destination for you.

Once you have created the video and uploaded it on video sites like Youtube, you can register the video in the form below. This way we can track the number of videos being made.  We are hoping to give out prizes in different categories at a later stage.  The registration will help your video to participate in those competitions.


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