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Eric Wilson The New York Times -
“latest designer to be crowned as the next big thing – Prabal Gurung”.
“Growing up in Nepal, people were not familiar with the idea of Fashion design as a career choice” – Prabal Gurung.
Graduated from Partisions
Prabal worked for notable fashion houses like Donna Karen, Cynthia Ralley, Bill Blaphs.

2008 House of Bill Blaphs closed and then Prabal decided to go on his own.

Woman’s Wear Daily Published his design first that created the presence in the media.

“my design is nuance, it’s not really literal” – Prabal Gurung

Prabal lived near Hell’s Angles. He wanted to design for a woman who could penetrate that male dominant culture. He wanted to create some thing that was “timeless, modern, relevant” design and a thinking woman’s attire. Attire that is worn by a women who can penetrate different types of worlds.
Amanda Ross (Celebrity Stylist) : “his work is perfect for work, for the red carpet, for evenings out and he really understands what is wearable and yet has a strong point of view at the same time”.

The first show became a big hit.
Robert Burke (Luxury Consultant) – “there is much to be said about some how who understands how to drape and design”.

“At the end of the day what I have to understand is that some one has to wear it, I am not creating a costume” – Prabal Gurung.

Coming from the background that I came from – I feel privileged to be where I am – Prabal

Interview by Harriet Mays Powell – Fashion Directory – New York Times Magazine -
Harriet: How has your background of coming from Nepal, the mountain culture the Turquoise jewelry, any of that influence you look at designing for women and your sense of beauty?
Prabal: One thing that I can pin-point the way women dress of in Nepal and even in India is the way they drape their sari.
“Women as a gender are more complex, layered and complex then men. Beautiful women are beautiful but beautiful woman with a brain is a lethal combination” – Prabal Gurung

CNNGo Interview by Jenara Nerenberg
Cameraman – Akshay Sthapit

“The dress that Demi More wore and Rachael Weis wore were influenced by Newari Sari” – Prabal Gurung.

“Draping the sari is a ritual and almost like the celebration of being a woman, I find that very fascinating” – Prabal Gurung

How has India Influenced Your designs?
Prabal: “A lot. If you have not been to India a part of your brain is not working. The intense design, the color, the sounds the music, I could handle it and relish it”. The Indian women the color was so gutsy and brave, it gave me the courage to really go for it”. “Aside from being from Nepal my experience in India is big part of it”.

Hobbies of Prabal: Singing and dancing.

He wants to make the first foray into Bollywood and Kolywood with the right brand ambassador.

What do you think Nepal’s greatest strength is?
Nepal people have this quiet strength. Despite coming from challenged background, we always have a smile on our face.

His mom was shocked when she heard his design was worn by Michele Obama. She was really thrilled and really happy.

“If there were more women in power, the world would be a better place, there is no denying that” – Prabal Gurung

Interview with AP.

“I was facinated by the transformation of my mom from a day to day dress to a dress to go out, it was almost spiritual” – Prabal Gurung.

“Zoe Saldan’s dress that she wore during the Star Trek Premier opened doors for me” – Prabal Gurung.

“It happens only in America, a person coming from Nepal with no contacts can come and with education going to school, if you work hard with integrity and passion, you can be successful – I am the living proof”. – Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung Interview in Nepali : “If some one wears the dress I design, that means my country also placed its Name in the world”. “Education is the is what is important, we should not just wear a T-Shirt saying that I’m from Nepal”, yes we should be able to represent Nepal with honor with good education.

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    Proud of you and look forward to seeing your inspiring message and achievements. May GOD bless you!


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  • Prabal,
    Proud of you and look forward to seeing your inspiring message and achievements. May GOD bless you!