High Altitude Cooking

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Boiling point of pure water at elevated altitudes

Based on the standard sea-level atmospheric pressure of 101.3 kPa:
Altitude, m Boiling point of water, °C
0 (0ft) 100 (212°F)
300 (984.25ft) 99.1 (210.3°F)
600 (1968.5ft) 98.1 (208.5°F)
1000 (3280.8ft) 96.8 (206.2°F)
2000 (6561.68ft) 93.3 (199.9°F)
4000 (13123.36ft) 87.3 (189.1°F)
6000 (19685.04ft) 81.3 (178.3°F)
8000 (26246.72ft) 75.5 (167.9°F)

With the addition of salt and other dissolved substances, the boiling temperature will increase.

This one has more theory:


This is more practicle:




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