Himalayan Rescue Association Nepal

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This excerpt is from the above website. Please go to the website directly to get more information about this noble cause – Many thanks to the people who make this possible.

Overview: the Himalayan Rescue Association was founded in the early 1970s and operates an office in Kathmandu as well as two aid posts in the mountains of Nepal. There is posts use volunteer physicians to serve the medical needs of trekkers and local people. They operate during the two trekking “seasons:” spring or pre-monsoon and fall or post-monsoon. Living conditions at both posts are primitive, food is basic and there is little communication with “home”. There are two volunteer physicians at each post each season. Volunteers should be willing to put up with the inevitable hassles of living and working in a third-world country as well as with prolonged living under conditions which at home would be associated with wilderness travel.

Qualification: Volunteers must be physicians, usually from the primary care specialties. Emergency physicians and family practitioners are the norm, but others may be considered if they have enough experience beyond their own fields. Mountaineering and mountain rescue skills are not required. Camping skills and sense of humor are essential.

Source of this map: Himalayan Rescue Association Nepal -website.
Himalayan Rescue Association


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