Travel to Nepal to skateboard – for adventure or for your kids…..

April 2, 2011

Travel to Nepal to skateboard  - for adventure or for your kids.....
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Skate Boarding is not only a unique mode of travel but is also one of the fastest growing sports. Skateboarding ranks among the top 10 sporting events globally.  As its popularity grows, many are trying to find more and more exotic places to go skateboarding. One such destination is certainly Nepal.

Meet Marius Arniko Arter, a Swiss with close ties to Nepal.  Marius was born in Nepal. His parents came to Nepal working in an international project. Upon his return to Switzerland he studied carpentry. An avid skateboarder, he returned to Nepal for a visit and wanted to skateboard.  But in Nepal he found that it was impossible to buy good skateboards. Most of them were individually imported from China, Thailand and Hongkong.

Being a carpenter himself, Marius decided to build his own skateboard. One thing led to another and finally with an Australian designer friend (James Carson) Arter decided to open a Skateboard shop (Arniko Skateboards) with skateboards made in Nepal. This entrepreneurial project would not only help appease Marius’s passion for skating but would also enable to help Nepal economically.  He started teaching the art of creating skateboards to Nepali carpenters, creating much needed jobs.

The skateboards created by Arniko Skateboard are hand crafted and are all uniquely designed. These high quality boards are built with state of the art Swiss technology but uniquely Nepali hand craft. The usability and art is combined to build a board that not only performs well but is beautiful to look at. It’s a combination of modern with tradition.

According to Arter, skating in Nepal is like “being closer to life”.  You are not skating in a skating park, but among the people.  You become part of the environment.

United States has nearly 500 skateboarding parks. Many of them built within the past 10 years to encourage kids to be motivated to exercise more.  Over half of the skateboarders are in California. It is a popular beach activity.  The average age of skateboarders is 12.  Nepal would be a great destination to take your teenager to not only skateboard but also to experience an exotic culture.

Go to Nepal for skateboarding but love it for every-thing else…..

Skate Boarding In Nepal

Skate Boarding In Nepal


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