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Who-Is-Who Nepal – A youth-adult partnership project.

Connect the new generation of Nepal enthusiasts (high school students) to the Who-is-who of Nepal via web technology.

Students will develop web pages in www.ResourceNepal.com and also a wikipage of those individuals who live abroad and have contributed to Nepal affairs. Web pages could be of those who are both of Nepalese and non-nepalese origin.

What is the benefit of this connection:

1. Younger generation (if of Nepalese orgin) will be able to connect with their Nepali roots.
2. Younger generation (if not of Nepalese origin) will be able to learn about a culture different than their own.
3. The older generation will be able to act as role models and mentors and guide the younger generation.
4. The younger, tech-savvey generation will be able to pass on their own knowledge of internet technology to the older generation.
5. Students will be able to produce quality researched content that can be used as portfolio material for their applications to Universities when they seek higher education.
6. Intergenerational Equity – idea of fairness or justice in relatinships between – the younger generation and older generation





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